Speed up your system for free with the -ck patches

Well, okay, unfortunately it does take quite some time to compile your kernel, so really it's not for free. But you don't need new hardware to get a system that responds much quicker and more fluently - without using more power on battery thanks to dynticks. I've always wondered why in my impression the kernel had become less responsive some time after the beginning of the 2.6 era. Con Kolivas has fixed this - again. I just wish there was a Ubuntu ppa for his kernels.


  1. Try kernel-ppa: http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/ppas/37

  2. Thanks! But I've found something even better - a linux-ck ppa ! :)

    You have to set maverick as distribution in order to get the newest kernels. I'm trying it out right now.


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