DVD Backup with Mencoder and dual audio Matroska

Three easy steps:

1. mplayer dvd:// -vf cropdetect -ss 1200
2. mencoder -alang en -oac copy -ovc x264 -x264encopts crf=23:trellis=1:ratetol=inf:frameref=2:bframes=2:8x8dct:ssim:psnr: -o main.avi (add interlace to x264encopts if necessary)
3. mencoder -oac copy -alang de -o tempaudio.avi -ovc frameno dvd://
4. mkvmerge -v -o "Main en de ac3.mkv" --title "My Big Backup" --language 1:eng main.avi --language 0:ger -D tempaudio.avi

Add subtitles to your gusto, mix and enjoy!

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