Resuming a Copy in Linux -- like cp --resume

When you want to copy a large file and close before the end the copy is interrupted. There are some ways to work around this.

Cropping (Scanned) PDF Pages, e.g. double pages into single pages

If you have a PDF document and want to crop it, e.g. because you have too large borders and/or it is skewed or there are actually two pages in each page, this software may help.

Briss comes in Java and is good for cropping and deskewing pages: This works fully automatically for single pages and is very nice. As it's written in Java, it works on Mac, Windows and Linux just the same. I will keep this for all my image pdf cropping needs. To split double pages I would first deskew and crop automatically in the first run and then save. That file I recommend to use for a second run and there crop the pages into two parts manually.

Unpaper ( is a CLI tool for the job, which supports double pages, which briss doesn't yet seem to support. But it requires the PDFs to be split into .pbm , .pgm or .ppm first.
e.g.  convert  ./unpaper -l double -s a5 00000001.pgm 00000001a.pgm. But in my experience it didn't work at all...

And this helps for OCR:


A Disk Healing Itself

Smartd just gave me this report:
Device: /dev/sdb, SMART Usage Attribute: 193 Load_Cycle_Count changed from 197 to 196
Now how it's possible for the load cycles to decrease during run time, I don't know...

KDE's New Touch Interface

Aaron Seigo from KDE has posted on his blog an intro to KDE's new touch interface - quite nice, impressive and recommended to see.