Cropping (Scanned) PDF Pages, e.g. double pages into single pages

If you have a PDF document and want to crop it, e.g. because you have too large borders and/or it is skewed or there are actually two pages in each page, this software may help.

Briss comes in Java and is good for cropping and deskewing pages: This works fully automatically for single pages and is very nice. As it's written in Java, it works on Mac, Windows and Linux just the same. I will keep this for all my image pdf cropping needs. To split double pages I would first deskew and crop automatically in the first run and then save. That file I recommend to use for a second run and there crop the pages into two parts manually.

Unpaper ( is a CLI tool for the job, which supports double pages, which briss doesn't yet seem to support. But it requires the PDFs to be split into .pbm , .pgm or .ppm first.
e.g.  convert  ./unpaper -l double -s a5 00000001.pgm 00000001a.pgm. But in my experience it didn't work at all...

And this helps for OCR:


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