Downloading Packages for Expired Ubuntu Releases

When Ubuntu releases expire, the package archive mirror is disabled as well. You will get error messages when trying to access e.g. or (e.g. not found.)
But the fix is easy:

Regex made easy - Great Regex constructor website

A great tool to help you construct regular expressions is this website: Thanks a lot to the genious who is so good at regex he can create a tool to create them. You may now imagine me tipping my hat.

Newest version of swype includes Dragon dictation software for android

The newest version of Swype, the text input software for android, includes dictation software which lets you to dictate text directly into any text field on android.

Though there are still some issues with it recognizing my German accent, it already works very well and better than the standard Google text input software, especially in German. The newest version is available only for android ice cream sandwich (4.0), but it&#39;s completely free of charge - you can download it from <a href=""></a>. </p>  <p>The only downside so far is that you may not change its privacy settings to stop it from posting information about your usage to the Corporation. But then of course the voice recognition works anyway by encoding the audio data from your voice into packets which are sent to the cloud and processed by servers there. This has been dictated to the dictation software with swype. This last sentence has been dictated with google&#39;s speech recognition which is also very good. Also it&#39;s much faster and supports selecting alternative results based on the speech input and similar sounds, not just on similar spelling as the dictation support in the current beta of Swype. But neither version works without internet support.