Fixing Netflix Error Code: M7361-1254 on a Linux System

If you get this error code there is an issue with the sound output. If you use pulse, kill the pulseaudio process. Then close the browser, open it again.

Otherwise remove the kernel driver module for your sound card and insert it again. Then close and open the browser.

How to Fix a common VirtualBox Segfault

If you have a segmentation fault during the start of a VirtualBox machine, you are likely using an old, incompatible version of the VirtualBox Extensions. Simply update or uninstall them and things should work again.

An example from the dmesg kernel log:
EMT-1 [7265]: segfault at 618 ip 00007f0eaacbef31 sp 00007f0ed2afbc70 error 4 in [7f0eaac00000+26f000].

Checking S.M.A.R.T. status for USB drive

Usually smartctl -a works out of the box. But sometimes it doesn't. In that case, try using the option -d sat, e.g. smartctl -d sat -a /dev/sdb. That may solve if a modern external USB drive reports that SMART support is "unavailable" and that the "device lacks SMART capability". Because that a drive actually lacks the capability is extremely unlikely these days. If that doesn't work, you can try -d auto or consult an extensive list of options of different devices.

Recording with tape-a-talk to external sd card in KitKat

You can enter a manual storage path. It must be setup like the following path. This path can be adjusted to work with other apps and different devices:


If you use the wrong path the app won't be able to write anything. This path works on most Samsung devices.