Rooting Woes with Nook Simple Touch Firmware 1.1.2 ("Noot")

I had quite some issues with the rooting. Though the package developed for Firmware 1.1 worked fine to root, there were a few issues:
- Market doesn't work until about 12-24 hours later. Mine said the market wasn't reachable. But this really goes away.
- Amazon Market only works only with US credit card. OK this doesn't bother most Nook users living in the US.
- Market search doesn't work even after market works. Even restoring the old market app where it worked didn't fix this for me.
- The package no longer includes the Search Market app.
- Opera Mini 7 doesn't work, but FCs -- but v. 6.5 does work. Make sure you do a full Titanium Backup before you upgrade! ;)
- I have to re-register it with Adobe for reading books with sideloaded ebooks with Adobe DRM.

Hence I had to install the first apps via adb and Titanium Backup, which I found via scrolling through the all apps section in the Market for pages, then finding one of the developers apps and going into their other apps. From there it was pretty much a breeze.

But in the end the update was really worth it:
- The NoRefreshToggle (get it, it's awesome, esp. e.g. for browsing!) works for longer than just about 30 seconds (in 1.0) now - pretty much forever it seems.
- The whole device is much snappier and has much, much better battery life in root use as well in my case.
- Resume works better. E.g. androidvnc now immediately has a connection again after resume. I think wifi consumes a lot less power, too.
- Someone got multitouch working, too, it seems.

Linux and its Collaboration Explained (Video)

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