F.lux adjusts your display to the sun's color and brightness

And there's a Linux version with GUI add well, check it out: f.lux for Linux. This is great especially for people working on a computer and suffering from insomnia or e.g. if you have a work room without windows (glass filled frames that is).

GAP bzw. DECT-Telefone mit der Fritz Box nutzen

Es gibt eine sehr praktische Liste der kompatiblen Telefone, die hilft das richtige zu kaufen. Sonst hat man oft z.B. keine Tonwahl oder keine Anzeige der anrufenden Rufnummer. Grundsätzlich lässt sich sagen, dass Siemens tragbare ISDN-Telefone recht gut funktionieren und Gigaset 1000, 2000, 3000.

Sort Algorithms Visualized and Other Fun Projects

Thanks to ck's blog I just found this great website visualizing number sorting computer algorithms. And I want to share it with you.

Also I love the concept of fold.it to solve difficult scientific problems using computer games and gamers.

And at duolingo.com, a project is in closed beta to learn a language and help translate texts at the same time. (Click bottom left to ask for an invitation to the closed beta.)

Cool Android Apps for eReaders (e-Ink eBook Readers) and Developer Information

E-Ink readers like the Nook touch currently come with 4 bit (16 levels) of gray, no camera, often no sound, no GSM, often no landscape detection sensor etc. And especially, the display refresh rate is very slow. Still or nonetheless they have advantages like battery time, especially with the display on, clear readability in bright direct sunlight over a tablet and display size over a phone and also more and more often come with Android. Here are some apps and hints which work great for that scenario.