Linux System Hardening Done Professionally

I just took a short look at the measures Google took to harden their Chromium OS. But I must say, I was pretty impressed. It seems to be a very, very secure system.

Linux Boots Faster!

Check out this live video comparison at TuxRadar:

Kubuntu 9.10 is a Beauty

It works nicely on intel graphics (except GMA500!), installs fine and seems much snappier than the 8.10 I was still using. It's a definite upgrade recommendation, as well for your friends who are thinking about Windows 7. ;)

I'll let you know if I'll have any worries. But so far, everything has been wonderful. KMS works great, suspend-resume is fine, KDE 4.3 is lovely... :)

Good work guys!

More News on Intel and its GMA 500 under Linux

The LinuxJournal wrote two articles about the horrible Linux support for Intel's GMA 500 graphics chipset.
How to kick your friends in the face - GMA500
More on Poulsbo GMA 500 - Intel and the Community

Also see the Intel defending response.