Google's Two Factor Authorization is insecure

The authentication system was insecure for about seven months, by allowing the password to be changed despite two-factor authentication. See h-online for details.

Codeweavers CrossOver working very well with Office 2010

I've been thinking about trying it for a long time. Once a while ago I installed Word with Crossover for Mac for a friend. It worked pretty well.

But now I've tried the new one with my old Linux sytem (Ubuntu 9.10) and a brand new Office 2010. I'm quite happy that the backwards compatibility is so good. As you know from my browsers blog entry, (for some good reasons) this is rather rare in the Linux world.

And it works stunnigly well. Office installed without a glitch. I have only tried a few things, but startup is fast, use is snappy and memory usage quite low (~150 MB for Word in CrossOver.) Also, the integration is flawless. I get "start menu" entries automatically. Word files open with word out of the box and so on.

I'm quite fascinated. I wouldn't have thought that it's this easy to get things running. Also, from what I've seen I think CrossOver for Mac + Office is probably a better option than Office for Mac...

Congrats, Codeweavers and keep up the good work!