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With a background in computers and law, I started the blog in 2008 to have a scratchbook of how I dealt with some issues and to let other people profit from the time I spent finding a solution. I like the distraction, challenge and fun Linux and Open Source software provide without charge as well as the free spirit in the open source community. The projects I did and wrote about became bigger and the visitors increased over time. Now I like to create small, step-by-step howtos and/or write about new developments and fun things to try out at home. 

Among my key interests are networks, android, e-readers, power management and video processing. The most popular posts so far where on the topic of howto get mplayer with vaapi acceleration going with an intel poulsbo gma500 system. As far as I'm aware there was no public howto available anywhere before - actually most computer magazines reported this was not possible - and so very many pages linked to my blog and it suddenly became popular. One of my favorite recent posts is about saving power with PulseAudio and IRQ-less ALSA and a really, really short and easy intro to Linux Control Groups. Sometimes, but rarely, I post in my (other) native tongue German.

If you want to find out more you can subscribe to one of the RSS feeds or check out the popular posts (right hand column: "popular this month" and further down "all time popular"). If you want to contact me, just post a comment to any post, as I get an email notification for each comment. Also, there is a mobile version of the blog available.

-- D

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