Microsoft's FUD machinery is on full power again

Remember the good old times when Microsoft always claimed Linux would violate its patents? Well, now Android is the big bad show stopper preventing Microsoft from gaining the next monopoly, those poor guys... but of course they won't just take it. So here comes the good old FUD.

Pulseaudio Power Efficiency

Using pulseaudio in combination with alsa is already more power efficient and avoids many interrupts on current systems. In my experience the interrupts created by hda_intel decreased from 60-80 down to 6 per second. The sleep residency increased from about 3 ms to about 8 ms. This already makes a difference of about .25 Watts. I wonder if and how the difference will be with the new patches that went into 2.6.38, disabling even more interrupts.

Update: Also check how to save 0.4 Watts and more with pulseaudio and alsa.