Android OTA Update Woes Since 4.1 - Phone Reboots during or after Call, but Power savings

So the first problem is that sometime since the 4.1 update, maybe the 4.1.1, my device has started to hang itself up, especially when I'm on the phone longer. It only happens when I'm on the phone for 10 minutes or more. Then after the update to 4.1.2 noticed that it didn't happen quite as often anymore. But it happened every single time I used the power button to hang up.

For now I've switched off the functionality again to be able to hang up using the power button, but still it's quite frustrating. 

On the other hand, a combination of updates and removal and deactivation of some apps, maybe Google's Listen app, provided a huge amount of power savings. Now my phone - a Samsung Nexus S - suddenly lasts for over two days if I don't use it a lot! It's never lasted this long. And I love it, naturally. Maybe Better Battery Stats and other apps, probably the Better Wifi On/Off helped, too, with that. 

Especially I'd really recommend Better Wifi On/Off, as it's free and pretty much exactly what I'd always been looking for. Without lots of resources, if switches Wifi off if the display is off and no network traffic is active. But it turns wifi on when the display is unlocked or the device is connected to power. That's all very sensible I think. Now if it could also switch off 3G when wifi is connected... I'll ask the developer. Maybe he can make it work.

Issues after Upgrade to Ubuntu 12.04 - Network Manager not starting and "Waiting for network configuration..." at boot

Both issues are related to your /etc/network/interfaces file. Comment out any automatic interface setup parameters you put in there and it should work fine. Otherwise, there are some other workarounds.

Essential Apps for eBooks / eInk Reading Devices

There are many, many app lists out there for Andorid, but there are hardly any focussing on Android eink readers, such as the rooted Nooks. The following apps have been tested to work well on the Nook Simple Touch.