Automatically Disable your Touchpad - Enhancing Palm Detection in Linux

I have already posted an entry somewhere on this blog on how to disable your touch pad if you plug in a usb mouse. But I've just found out that the arch wiki has a great summary on different kinds of touch pad settings including for a better palm detection:
synclient PalmMinWidth=4 PalmDetect=1

This works excellently for me - and I have a new system with a rather large touch pad. Enjoy! And as always: Please share your experience and ideas!

Fixing Panasonic LUMIX Wifi - "Connection to Access Point Failed"

This error occurred to me with a Fritz Box as access point and WPA/WPA2 mixed mode. The first time the camera still connected, later attempts failed. After switching the network mode to WPA2 only, it worked again.

Update: I've upgraded to Firmware v. 1.1 and the issue disappeared.

Otherwise you can probably try resetting the camera settings. Good luck!