Great Powersavings with Kernel 3.7.0

They've done it again. Already, my system was running with better power management than in Windows, but this has been increased significantly now. I had already reported about less cpu power usage during sound playback. Now the wifi and sound card's power management was during playback was improved, too.

I haven't made any exhaustive comparison tests yet, but I can now be online, surfing and listen to music with a total power consumption of around 6.8-7.5 W. As a rough comparison: With 2.6.36 the same scenario would require about 10.3-12.5 W... (each using the quite power efficient browser opera. Only the graphics driver is a different one: gma500_gfx+fbdev now v. psb+exa.)

Why you should switch to LibreOffice

Michael Meeks published a comparison of features. Though he is a member of LibreOffice, it appears unbiased. To make the story short: You should get LibreOffice. Development seems much healthier now than before, actually. Also, a switch to dual-licensing under LGPL 3 and MPL is under way.

Cyanogen Mod 10 Review

I've finally made the step and reinstalled my Android phone with Cyanogen. Here's my comparison of Cyanogen 10 (4.1.2) with Vanilla (4.1.2) on the Google Nexus S.