Cyanogen Mod 10 Review

I've finally made the step and reinstalled my Android phone with Cyanogen. Here's my comparison of Cyanogen 10 (4.1.2) with Vanilla (4.1.2) on the Google Nexus S.
To make it short: Cyanogen is a comfortable improvement. My phone had been pretty slow and laggy recently, probably due to having too many apps with background services installed. Now with a fresh Cyanogen installation and only the apps I actually use, it's very fast.

But Cyanogen also fixes and tweaks many annoying little issues with the baseline Android version. For example, you can now select default apps for certain file types again. Unfortunately, the voip client integrated in the phone app still doens't work.

Also, there are some nice new features, such as zram support, controlling the media player with the volume button (long press means next song), lighting the display buttons to show there are new messages, always showing the battery percentage on your lock screen and/or next to the battery icon, more settings for the phone app, power profiles, and many more.

And then there's root, which makes some apps, such as cputuner, work again. Some other apps, such as Ivona TTS, only worked properly now, though that might be due to having too much installed before. So far I'm very happy with the switch.

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