Decrypting Android Encryption is Really Easy

Especially if you encrypt your phone only with a PIN, it appears that it's quite easy to find that PIN. More than that, there is already a script on github which automates a lot of the process.

Now the unanswered issue is: Which command do you use to mount the partition in Linux?

In any case: be aware, the encryption does not protect you much at all. Of course that's what you should expect with a 4 key (usually numeric) PIN.

Disable Customized Ads in Google

Google has a webpage where you can opt out of apps customized to your profile. Note that the popup will be high up on the page, where you probably won't see it until you scroll back up.

Gain Privacy in Youtube

This is just a side, but I just found out Youtube tracks all your searches and videos watched by default. Here's a post which describes how to disable that.

Mini-Tipp: Veromix

Installing the Veromix Widget for KDE4 lets you comfortably adjust pulseaudio volumes. Make sure to reassign the shortcuts, then you no longer need kmix.

Berkeley AirBears2 Setup on Kubuntu and Android

I'm not sure how long this information will remain accurate, because the network is still in testing stage, but working settings right now are:
EAP method: TTLS
Phase 2 authentication: PAP
CA certificate: empty
User certificate: empty
Identity: <your cal ID>
Anonymous Identitfy: empty
Password: Your special Airbears2 password, which you can get here or view here.

Tested to work on 6/10/13 with boat Cyanogen 10.1-RC5 and Kubuntu 12.04 (at the same time).

More information about Airbears2 is here: