Berkeley AirBears2 Setup on Kubuntu and Android

I'm not sure how long this information will remain accurate, because the network is still in testing stage, but working settings right now are:
EAP method: TTLS
Phase 2 authentication: PAP
CA certificate: empty
User certificate: empty
Identity: <your cal ID>
Anonymous Identitfy: empty
Password: Your special Airbears2 password, which you can get here or view here.

Tested to work on 6/10/13 with boat Cyanogen 10.1-RC5 and Kubuntu 12.04 (at the same time).

More information about Airbears2 is here:



  1. My experience has been that PAP doesn't work, MSCHAPv2 is what I have had to select for the inner (phase 2) authentication.

  2. To prevent a man-in-the-middle attack (connecting to a rogue AirBears2 access point), you can specify the CA certificate. AirBears2 uses the InCommon/Comodo AddTrust External CA Root certificate.

  3. I use Wicd and these are the setting that works for me is "PEAP with GTC"


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