Anki & AnkiWeb Network Errors

If you get these errors, the two most frequent issues are:

1. wrong Anki version (you need > 2.0) for websync to still work
2. wrong passwort/account name
3. missing proxy / no internet.

Hope that helps!

Finding Unneeded Data

Agedu is a great tool, as it doesn't only show you where the data is, but also how long ago it was last accessed. It's a bit sad that the tool is not as straight forward to use as it could be. But here's a guide

Basically you first call agedu -s <somedir>, then agedu -w to start a webserver and then look at the webpage that the latter command tell you about.

Memory Consumption of Common Linux Desktops

This blog post made a nice overview of the common choices you have and how much memory they use by default.

Small Bash Power Usage Monitor

While I'm about releasing power scripts, I've quickly written this script to monitor power usage on various Linux systems. It needs bash and sysfs. It can use bc and gnuplot for more comfort.

Automatically Resume from Suspend to Ram and Suspend to Disk to Save Battery in Linux

Suspending to RAM is allows the system to quickly wake up. But Suspend to Disk allows the system to completely power off, saving more power. That's why I've written a small script for modern Linux systems, which wakes up the system from S3 (memory sleep) and puts it into S5 (hibernation) mode. Also, it prevents you from losing data, because eventually your system's battery will run out.

Deshaking/Stabilizing Video in Ubuntu Precise 12.04

The easiest option is with transcode:
transcode -J stabilize -i MVI_1234.MOV && \
transcode -J transform -i MVI_1234.MOV -y xvid4 -o stable.mp4

But the version that comes with precise is not very good, so here's a backported version that works better:

There is a guide with a bit more detail here. And of course there's still the option of using Virtualdub with Wine.