Fixes for Android Linux ADB Devices "???????????? No Permissions" Problem

If you're using adb in Linux and you get the error that adb devices shows this:
"????????????    no permissions", then here are two ways to fix it:

One is to add a special file to the udev rules to provide your normal user with  permissions to access the devices file. Let me refer you to a good guide here.

The easy quick-fix is to start the adb server as root:
./adb kill-server
sudo ./adb devices

The device should show up now. After you're killed the server and run one command with sudo, the other commands should all work as a normal user. Otherwise you have a different problem where I don't know the fix.

By the way, if you don't even see your device in the list after adb devices, you probably forgot to turn on USB debugging on your phone in the Developer Settings.

Google Still Struggling with Android Reboot Issues During or After Calls

It's not just me. Google has lots of people reporting that their phone reboots during, after calls or randomly with recent Android versions:
Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, and more ...

Let's hope Google finds the issue, because if I have a longer call right now, I have a 100% sudden reboot rate. So basically I can only use my mobile phone for short calls since the upgrade. At least I have a landline phone and no phone flatrate on it.

The funny thing, too, is that e.g. long Skype calls via Wifi cause no problem. It's definitely related to the mobile network. I wonder if the problem is the same if I'm only on 2G or have data disabled altogether...