Medion ebook reader (not) on the IFA 2010 Berlin

I went there and made a point of checking for it after reading about the upcoming release of their ebook reader on the H. Medion is known for producing pretty good value products (at least every once in a while) and so I was curious. But the representatives could neither show it to me (only to VIPs), nor would they tell me anything about it - not the price, estimated release date, etc. Hence I doubt there will be any sort of release from Medion anytime soon. And with everyone else showing off their devices it was not very convincing. Some of the ones I liked best were the iriver with a nice touch screen but no web browser and vague battery times (11000 pages) and some of the Sony ebook readers (there was one of them with a very bad resolution unfomfortable to read, though). It was actually the first time I saw an ebook reader, though and I really thought - hey is that just an empty sample with something printed on a plastic foil? No it wasn't I found out as it reacted to my finger touching it.

All in all the IFA is quite interesting and it's wonderful to see all the upcoming 3D TVs and their technologies. By far my favorite was a head tracking 3D display at the Heise (the H) stand 124 in hall 17 - no glasses needed but amazingly great results. Most other 3D TVs either needed glasses or had pretty disappointing results. Also impressive were the LG HDTVs - brilliant, crisp colors.

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