Fix: OpenCards 1.5 Crashes in Openoffice 3.1 3.0 Linux or Mac

If you don't know it yet, go and check out OpenCards - the best flash card learning software I know. You can edit the cards with OpenOffice Impress like a presentation and then Opencards helps to to learn the slides with a smart algorithm.

If your system crashes when you want to run OpenCards, try starting it from xterm like this:
env SAL_NO_XINITTHREADS=true ooffice -impress
This certainly fixed my problems. Now I can switch to Linux on my Netbook. Turns out Openoffice runs much faster in Linux than in Windows.

By the way:If you can't install the OpenCards Extension and see a large java error message, you probably haven't installed all necessary openoffice packages and activated Java. Try installing the meta-package "" and the package "sun-java6-bin".

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