Backlight Control on MSI U110 Netbook

I've managed to get the backlight working roughly as well! All I needed to do was to load msi-laptop with the parameter force=1. The problem is that there is so far very little scaling, I can only set brightness to 0 (very dark) or 1-8 (all "very bright"). Check for updates to get it working well with KDE.

I've contacted the driver developers and I hope we can make some progress on the drivers soon.


  1. I've been running a dual boot of Jolicloud and Windows 7 (against my will) ever since I purchased my Wind u110 a few months ago.

    YOU ARE SAVING THE FREAKING DAY HERE!!!! I can't wait to get Ubuntu running!

  2. Well, loading msi-laptop with the parameter force=1 goes like this:
    sudo modprobe msi-laptop force=1
    There are even better solutions with full backlight control in the works, but they need kernel modifications of the acpi video module (see for more).

  3. I think I forgot to mention I think you need to boot the kernel with the parameter acpi_display_output=vendor for this to work.


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