Intel Poulsbo Frustration Continues a Year Later

I'm also frustrated. I happily bought my netbook about exactly a year ago as many others in the hope that Intel would provide a well working open source driver, at least excluding 3d and VAAPI. Then I managed to get it running at all and then including 3d and vaapi (see and i was quite happy.

But I never managed to get several things to work:

  • reliable standby (works once or twice if I haven't used 3d or vaapi)
  • backlight regulation.

Does anyone know how to fix any of this?

Now I have the crazy situation that in Windows XP I can use standby and 3d but no HD, and in Linux I have better quality and VAAPI HD video playback and 3d, but no standby. And I'm frustrated.
It's such a nice netbook and performs so well otherwise, it's really sad and frustrating if drivers keep you from really enjoying what you bought.

I don't even know if and how long I will be update my OS. It's already unclear if I would lose VAAPI and/or 3D acceleration when I upgrade to Kubuntu 10.04 -- if X would still work at all. But I have no idea how long drivers will still be developed or at least maintained if there is no open source version.

So please Intel, if not an open source driver then at least release open source specs!!!

I've actually managed to get standby working pretty reliably. The computer returns back from standby with amazing speed, too. The trick was to update the bios to the newest version. This fixes prior crashes during resume. But the crashes in Windows XP when I try to use DXVA persist.

Now the problem is that my wifi and sound drivers are still problematic after resume. My wifi driver causes kernel panics and my audio driver simply stops working...

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