Apple's Lock-In Syndrome

Apple is locking iPhone users into their rigid software framework through the App Store: They would not let people develop interfaces to Gmail and now they prevent the great Opera Mini from being ported to the iPhone.

Adobe Flash has also been ported, but is kept away from the iPhone by Apple.

So if you've wanted to buy an iPhone, reconsider. It's buggy and Apple won't let you install any software that might "duplicate" available functions. They should be honest and say software that competes with theirs.

Source: Heise Article [german original]


  1. Can you imagine Nintendo preventing The Bigs from being released for the Wii, just because there's already a baseball game in Wii Sports? Konami's Family Trainer is in direct competition to Wii Fit, yet Nintendo has still done nothing to stop its release.

    Apple has to stop this attitude. They are promoting their iPod Touch based on all the third-party games you can download for it, so it's hypocritical for them to turn around and deny the freedom of the developers whose efforts are giving Apple its money.

  2. I agree, they're being quite hypocritical with that commercial. And it doesn't make sense for them either:

    If someone writes better software than they do, why now let them compete? That surely wouldn't hurt iPhone sales, I think quite in the contrary.


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