Optimize PNGs

OptiPNG is a cool little program to optimize png graphics in size. You can further optimize the size with advpng from the package advancecomp.


  1. optipng -q -o5 scummvm00000.bmp
  2. advpng -z -4 scummvm00000.png

901k bmp -> 40k png -> 36k png. Lossless.

And a script: 


echo "ShrinkBMP v. 0.2 (c) 2008, published under GPL 3.0."

for i in $*; do

echo compressing $i...

optipng -q -o5 "$i"

PNG="`echo $i | sed s/bmp/png/ `"

advpng -z -4 "$PNG"

ls -l $i $PNG

echo ...done.


echo All done: $* 

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