Successfully Connecting your Bluetooth Headset with PulseAudio and A2DP to Linux

After lots of trying to connect the bluetooth headset via bluetooth and pulseaudio to Linux, the following procedure has proved pretty successful for me most of the time:

  1. Pair Headset normally via blueman.
  2. Connect to the headset (aka telephony) service (not A2DP)
  3. killall -9 pulseaudio (it often hangs for me)
  4. start playing something
  5. open pavucontrol
  6. switch the playing output to the bluetooth device
  7. you now hear crappy sound
  8. now while the sound is playing, connect A2DP, either via blueman.
  9. pulseaudio should automatically switch to high quality playback now. otherwise: Go to the last tab in pavucontrol and set the profile to A2DP.

Enjoy! And let us know if this worked for you! ;)

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