Removing Crossover Deletes All Your Bottles

You have to be extremely careful when uninstalling crossover, because generally, it will always remove all your bottles of all your applications. This means if you have an Office or Picasa or some other installations, they will silently completely disappear.

There are only limited options:
a) Install/Uninstall via your package manager, e.g. the Debian .deb package.
b) Save the installed applications via Archive or moving the .cxoffice directory from your home directory to another location and name.
c.) Remove crossover manually with: rm -rf /opt/cxoffice.

Do NOT simply use /opt/cxoffice/uninstall, as it will remove all your custom installations wihout warning.

There really are no other options. I've contacted support and all they did was point me to this link.

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