SAMSUNG SSD 830 Series not automatically going to standby or sleep

No matter how I configure my Samsung SSD, it does not automatically
enter a standby or sleep mode. It does with with hdparm -y/-Y
manually, but that's the only way. And of course during the next
reader it's automatically activated again. hdparm -B is "not
supported", hdparm -S does not seem to have any effect, with 1/253/254
settings. I've used lm-profler to find and stop any accesses to the

I'm using the sata_sil24 driver with a Sil 3531 SATA controller and as
stated a SAMSUNG SSD 830 with firmware CXM03B1Q. By the way, hdparm -I
tells me that it doesn't support DIPM, unfortunately. I've tested
Linux kernels up to 2.8-rc2.

The reason it's important to me is that I found out the system uses >1
W less power with the SSD in standby mode. And while the SSD uses less
power during disk access, the disk idle power usage is actually higher
now than previously with my plain old spinning hard disk.

Mostly I post fixes, this is just a problem I have. I would appreciate
any hints in the comments. Thanks!

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