Google Talk Video Review (Nexus S) (English)

So I finally got to test Google Talk Video on the Nexus S. The result is simply:
Excellent. It feels like a completely new era of communication has begun. Walking around with your phone in your hand having a nice, fluid video conference is just great. The sound and video was flawless (responsive, low noise, sharp) in fullscreen on my screen and my partner (on a notebook) said the same. In comparison to Skype, which stuttered on one side, there were absolutely no issues. Even when I changed orientation, it just smoothly switched over and displayed my test partner's head and mine correctly oriented, mine with black bars unless in landscape.

But it's so much fun we didn't really stop. I was walking through my apartment holding the phone in front of me and I could see the background flowing by in the small pictures of myself. I can't wait for this to come to more phones. Already I prefer to talk over my Nexus S due to it's excellent voice quality, but seeing the other side but still being free to move around makes it a whole new experience. And the quality and freedom of movement gives you a feeling of communication as in a Sci-Fi movie.

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