Fixing OpenSUSE's 'No Devices Matches MBR Identifier'

Check the file in the subfolder boot/grub/mbrid. Do sudo fdisk -l and check that the ID of your usb stick is the same as the one in the file. If not, change it. Just deleting the file won't work, then the code will assume you want to boot from CD or DVD and fail if it doesn't find one. But you can also try to boot with the kernel parameter nombridcheck. But unfortunately for me nothing worked. It seems OpenSUSE USB boot is pretty broken ...


  1. Thanks for the pointers (nombridcheck), it seems to be occurring to a very limited range of hardware, until now i have only encountered one specific exotic laptop (XXODD brand?) which has this problem, i've installed openSUSE through USB noumerous times on other machines without these problems.
    The solution for me seemed to be just burning the iso to some rewritable.

  2. Thats strange :( After I started openSUSE one Time from my USB Stick and shutted it down (without logging in), the above error appears, even after formatting the device... Anyboddy has a solution?



  3. Sorry, no idea. Of course this shouldn't happen, but that won't help you ;)

  4. Did you try this?:

  5. I get the same error if I use the "Pendrive Universal USB installer" on all opensuse images (but it work on ubuntu, fedora and debian).

    For openSuse we must use the "ImageWriter" according to the following guide:

    I just verified that it works for
    - openSUSE-11.4-GNOME-LiveCD-i686.iso
    - openSUSE-11.4-KDE-LiveCD-i686.iso

    Enjoy !


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