Fritz Box Power Usage

Out of some curiosity I recently measured the power usage of my Fritz Box 7570. It's an amazing Linux-powered all-in-one router device with VDSL, VoIP, DECT, USB (e.g. printer or stick) and LAN connectors and VPN and FTPD support. Using VDSL-50 (without its power saving mode), all but one LAN ports off and DECT and Wifi-N active, it uses 9.6 Watts. More than I had been hoping for considering its elaborate power saving modes. Disabling the DECT module takes about 0.05 Watts off of that. Putting the one LAN port into auto-off another 0.05 Watts.

Comparison: My phone's base station takes 1.7 Watts for only the DECT part. An energy saving bulb with 60 Watts brightness usually takes 11 Watts.

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