Try Openshot for Video Editing!

I've had lots of problem to even convert the AVCHD files from the HD camera at all at first. But now that totally changed. Openshot is a really new and really great video editor that's based on ffmpeg and can read my .m2ts files without a problem. I can deinterlace them and cut them together for output in almost any format from FullHD to QCIF.

The problem is that at least version 1.1 had a slight issue with memory leaks. It grew to consume more and more RAM. So I recommend to close and reopen it before doing the encode. Or you just close it and do the encode with the command line program openshot-renderer! That also means you can easily edit the video on one computer and then encode it on some other computer, e.g. a headless server. And Openshot encodes pretty quickly as well. Even on my slow old notebook I can export from FullHD in a very short amount of time!

Video editing has never been this easy, fun and fast!

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