Moblin 2.1 IVI FC Release tested on the MSI Wind U110 (GMA 500/Poulsbo)

Phoronix hasn't gotten to it yet, but now I've done a quick test with the Moblin distribution IVI version with supposed GMA 500 support (moblin-2.1-preview-ivi-20091208.img) to see how well it's working on my netbook and what feature advantages its IEGD driver may have over the psb driver.

Well, it's not a lot:
  • The resolution was set to 800x600. No other resolutions were detected (xrandr -q)
  • The colors were distorted. It looked like 256 colors but randomly exchanged.
  • The touchpad was not working. The mouse moved in seemingly opposite or random directions and kept skipping back and forth. I had to use an external mouse to do anything at all.
  • The sound wasn't working, thought that might possibly be fixed by disabling power saving, just like in Ubuntu
  • Wifi wasn't working. I could not add networks or configure the wifi. " Join other Network" was greyed out. The iwconfig tools have to be started manually from /sbin. They found a network, but I didn't bother to try to set it up with wpa_supplicant manually. A path is not set. wpa_supplicant was already running with 99% cpu usage when I boot.
  • Switching to the console and back is impossible. It completely and irreversibly crashes the graphics until a reboot.
  • ACPI showed tons of errors in dmesg.
  • Trying to suspend crashed the system.
  • I wonder if there's an application in the distribution that can take advantage of VAAPI accelerated video decoding. There is a video player. But I had no easy access to the hard drive's partitions (ntfs).
The distribution as tested on my netbook is in two words:
utterly unusable.

The psb driver set up according to my howto works flawlessly compared to that! It interesting how difficult it seems to be for Intel to get its own chipset to work in its own distribution with its own driver.

But, yes. Moblin was very snappy. ;-) (I think that just shows just how cool XFCE is, though.)

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