Google Chrome under Linux with WINE

It turns out the guys at WineHQ already figured out how to run Google Chrome within WINE. Heres a really easy quick guide for you:

  1. Get a current wine version (1.1.3+)
  2. Download the Chrome offline installer.
  3. Install normally, best with a fresh wine installation.
  4. Go into the install directory (e.g. #cd ".wine/drive_c/windows/profiles//Local Settings/Application Data/Google/Chrome/Application") NOTE: this path is not exactly the same for everyone
  5. Start chrome like this: wine chrome.exe --new-http --no-sandbox
To get some privacy you should also
  1. Disable URL typo correction.
  2. Disable website suggestions.
  3. Disable Google Ad cookies.
  4. Quit Chrome. Then change the browser's unique identifier in "User Data/Local State" to the values from Google Chrome Portable to (hopefully) prevent Google from identifying your personal browser copy:
"client_id": "FA7069F6-ACF8-4E92-805E-2AEBC67F45E0",
"client_id_timestamp": "1220449017",

And now finally enjoy your privacy-enhanced Google Chrome browser! :)

Unfortunately there's no guarantee that Google hasn't hidden even more spying features in this otherwise pretty neat little browser.

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