Interesting KDE Feature Requests

  • 60037: JJ: "duplex printing wizard" for simplex printer
  • 86787: Merge & Split PDF documents
  • 37838: first key eaten by screen lock
  • 22540: Creating/Editing Symlinks
  • 79721: collaborative editing over a network (kate)
  • 87758: Supporting http 1.1 pipelining
  • 34362 support for additional mouse buttons
  • 165368 DPMS does not work with automatically started screensaver
  • 107302 Associate any virtual desktop with any xinerama screen
  • 37067 Per-virtual-desktop containments*
  • 91809 kpdf cant fill in formulars*
  • 125952: calendar synchronization with Google Calendar (korganizer)
  • 158556: Plasma Panel cannot be hidden*
  • 104464: Different styles for KMenu*
  • 59859: Major Improvements for the "What's this?" Item
  • 81272: Use more than one line per mail in message list
  • 50255 can I send mail later?
  • 102284: Support for Greasemonkey / User Javascript
  • 112027: adding smileys received from other people (kopete)
  • 87600: limit download bandwidth (kget)
  • 33839: add suspend / hibernate logout button (kdm)

(Wow I love the auto-save feature of Blogger. And Opera really still has issues in Linux.)

  • 92238: New sound theme for KDE
  • 64763: Support for UltraVNC file transfers

Open the webpage to find out more about the bug, x being the bug number.

So there's a lot of things you can do if you're interested in KDE development. Of course you should first contact the developers of the part you want to fix to make sure there's not already someone working on it etc.

Also check out the complete list.

* Update: A lot of this stuff has already been fixed! Wow... nice.

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