The Incredible Dangers of the Buggy Opera Link

In Opera 9.5 a pretty cool feature is introduced. At least that what I thought at first. Opera link synchronizes your bookmarks between an online account and your computer and your Opera mobile.

The problem is only that it's written so incredibly bad, that it's extremely dangerous to use. You must definitely make a backup of all your bookmarks before even thinking about using Opera link.

I had a database of about 550 bookmarks. They were neatly organized in the last few months and of course many were new. Because in the past Opera link often duplicated my bookmark folders, I created a new account to sync to.

The problem is I was too damn stupid to make a backup before using Opera link. And now the worst possible thing happened.

Opera did not use the newly created account I told it to use. It did not backup my bookmarks. It "synced" to the old account. It deleted all my bookmarks from the last 6 months forever. And it replaced them with the mess that had existed before.

I'm indefinitely frustrated right now, more than I have been in a very, very, very long time.

I think I will switch my browser.

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