KDE 4.1 Beta 1 Update

I just finished the very basic work of my first very own plasmoid. It's pretty fun and very low on resources. 

KDE4 still crashes a lot. Ktorrent crashed while exiting, When the main panel is removed, there is a crash. And when you put the panel back it doesn't stay there. It crashes every time on logout then as well.

But it's really pretty. Finally 3d-cards get some good use! :) And I really like the themes. How automatic and smooth everything runs and looks. It feels totally different to use it. Different than anything I've tried before.

It almost like my keyboard feels softer. That's just how smooth it looks.

I hope that it will stabilize well during the beta testing. And no matter how long it takes, one thing is clear for me:

KDE 4 will be an amazing desktop environment. It will go further than any other desktop environment before it.

It is crossing the borders of not only architectures, but also programming and scripting languages and even operating systems.

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