Two ways to download your pictures from Picasaweb with Linux

There is a nerdy and a simple way. The simple way is to use the google data export ("takeout") pages. You select your photos, create an archive and download it. You may have to upgrade from Picasaweb to Google+ in order for this to work properly.

The nerdy way is via googlecl. Unfortunately this option does not currently work properly due to googlecl still using oauth version 1. But once that's fixed - or if you're still signed into googecl - you can use these two commands:

google picasa list-albums > albums.txt
parallel -a "albums.txt" -j 3 --eta google picasa get "{,}" .

Beware of weird folder names including / or other special symbols. Now you can e.g. move your pictures to your ownCloud server. No picasa needed.

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